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App Chef

Knowing how to manage the “pass area” is key to the proper functioning of the dining room. Thanks to this application you will no longer need to use paper or wait until the waiter comes to the kitchen with the order commands to start preparing dishes.

iPad Chef App for Restaurant: This is the tool for Chefs and head cooks at the kitchen.

The “mise and place” is ready. Everything is prepared. While the staff at the Dining area are taking the order to Table 3, the order command is already being displayed at the kitchen screen, allowing the team to start working. Perfect to be a step ahead at all times. The service barely started and we have already gained time.

With the iPad Chef App all your needs are fully covered

Sections thought and designed for the cooking service.

3 buttons for your commands. Apply it to a plate or the whole ticket.




Orders View and manage all your orders, the colours indicate the status, the table to which it belongs, at what time was the order taken and how long is it taking to process it.

Kitchen Pass

Groups the commands by order or category. Have everything at a glance.


Sets the printer up, which products are being received and other operational aspects.

Organize yourself as you wish

Select the mode that best suits the way you work

With an iPad and a Printer

You will see the customer´s orders organized by a first come first serve basis, you will be able to mark which dishes are to be prepared and which ones are ready to be picked. When clicking on a plate that is ready to be pick at ticket will come out at the printer will with the name of the dish and the table to which it belongs.

Two Cases

It operates the same way as in the iPad, but when a dish is ready it will show up on the second waiter´s iPad screen and they will see a ticket which contains the dish information and its destination. When clicking on this note it will change registration status into a delivered dish.

By Category

If your kitchen has various orders, synchronize with as many Chef App´s as you may need to. When the dishes leave the kitchen, they will appear on their corresponding destination. Each kitchen party will only be able to see the dishes that are assigned to them.

Download App Chef

Download app Chef Dual Link on your iPad through the App Store