COVID-19: 10 Ways to Support the Hospitality Sector During the Confinement

24 Abr 2020 | Operational

COVID-19 in Bars and Restaurants

Our favorite bars and restaurants are being harsh with the global pandemic COVID-19. Hours of operation, services, store closings of those considered non-mandatory and restaurants are limited. With the majority of the population in their homes, how will they behave because of Covid-19 in bars and restaurants?

To keep our cities and communities strong and positive, SMEs need our support, now more than ever. Buying online, ordering home delivery and buying gift cards are the best options. It is important to keep your houses afloat during this difficult transition.

While not everyone can contribute financially during this time, there still are plenty of tasks that can be done to make a difference and to be productive, such as sharing this post, leaving positive reviews, and participating on social media. Here are 10 ways we as consumers can do, and it’s in our power as well as doing our part to ensure that our restaurant businesses can reopen when this health crisis has passed.

1. Buy a gift card at Covid-19 in bars

Add up what you would have spent in local restaurants and stores during this time and buy a gift card for that amount. It won’t cost you more than it normally would, and your money will go much further while figuring out how to pay employees and make sure your team is well taken care of. Gift cards are immediate help to these companies when they need it the most. Initiatives like Support Local (USA) and Local for Later (USA) are compiling a list of businesses that have gift cards available for purchase.

2. Buy online for the Covid-19 in bars

The more we avoid going outside, the less risk there will be for us and our community. Therefore, we recommend making the most of the benefits of buying online or over the phone. This will help to reopen your favorite businesses when this pandemic has ended. We know that human contact is impossible to replace, however we can choose to continue buying what we are used to consuming, but this time, filling the cart virtually.

As much as possible, we recommend taking into account special dates such as birthdays, births and holidays that are coming, since this is also a good time to search for new stores and send our gifts to the recipient using the online shipping system.

3. Small businesses for your purchases

Today many food and market businesses offer home delivery. But instead of opting for large chains, we can help smaller businesses, and try to place our orders for food, drinks or supplies at these locations. With this we not only contribute to their survival in these times, but we also avoid long lines or waiting lists to have what we need. Smaller businesses may not have an online ordering and payment system, but many have incorporated a WhatsApp number to be able to order and pay by transfer, cash on delivery, or using some independent online means, like Paypal or similar.

4. Make a reservation!

Make a reservation well in advance, it is not necessary to say the exact date, since when this period of confinement and social distancing passes, the hospitality sector will be in full swing and busy. Make a reservation now to get ahead and take no risks and show your favorite restaurant that they can count on you. Booking cancellations have been a blow during this time, but booking early enough gives these businesses a boost of support and loyalty. Lost reservations are stressful and frustrating for service staff, so reserving your table now shows support for this wonderful sector, that restaurants still have their support.

5. Delivery of the order at home

Ordering online is the fastest and most efficient way to help your favorite restaurant. Although we cannot visit it, we can place an order and taste its gastronomic offer. Despite the fact that most restaurants are closed to the public, many still offer takeaways and deliveries. Set the living rooms of your home as if every corner of the restaurant was in front of you, all to support the businesses you love. Because of the Covid-19 in bars and restaurants in the sector, Delivery will form a very important role, and more and more restaurants are joining this service.

Tip: Many food delivery companies are now offering deals, free delivery, and easy shipping.

6. Add a review

Leaving opinions is one of the easiest ways to interact with small businesses, it is also free and adds value. Now that it is not possible to contribute financially, leaving a positive review in one of your favorite places is a great way to contribute. By doing so, you are helping your business’ search results go up so that they appear in the top position when other users are searching for a place to eat or order. Also, help these businesses reach those 5 stars and be able to have new visitors who could make a booking when they are open again. Las reseñas son el nuevo boca a boca y son más eficaces ahora que nunca.

7. Promote social networks

Sharing on social networks has become the second vital option for the majority of the population during these times, so why not share and recommend your favorite store or restaurant? Our phone has become a key tool for keeping in touch with our friends and family and staying informed, and of course, some escapism, offering your support on social media platforms is an easy way to support these businesses. Every time you click “like”, you’re promoting the visibility.

8. Subscribe to Covid-19 newsletters in bars

Let’s face it, sometimes we need a break from the information cycle. Subscribing to your favorite companies’ newsletter is not just a sign of support, but a nice update to your email inbox. Another great advantage is that you will be the first to know and be aware of new offers and promotions after Covid-19 in bars and restaurants. For example from Dual-Link we encourage you to visit our Blog and always be informed

9. Donate to a Covid-19 nonprofit bailout fund in bars

A little research can go a long way. Many autonomous communities, cities and towns are coming together to create relief funds for freelancers and restaurant owners so that they can financially support their employees and businesses during this time. Below we show you two foundations:

Fundación Damm elaborando y llevando comida de manera gratuita a los héroes que trabajan día tras día para frenar el avance de esta pandemia, así como a entidades sociales que la repartirán entre los colectivos más vulnerables.

Fundación Cruzcampo Through its Fundación Cruzcampo Hospitality School, the initiative aims to help hospitality professionals deal with the situation generated by COVID-19 and to be better prepared for the reopening of their premises when the time comes.

10. Send a thank you note

We understand that not everyone can contribute financially to restaurants and small shops. Mantienen sus negocios cerrados y expectantes, pero enviar un correo electrónico, carta o mensaje de apoyo será un acto que agradecerán.

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