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The POS system that can not miss in your restaurant.

Get the most out of iOS operating system on our B & R Dual Link TPV.
Is the hospitality management tool most revolutionary, stable and comprehensive on the market.









The ultimate POS

Control every aspect of your business with one finger One program with all the necessary tools to manage your business. We are the only company that delivers the full potential of the iPad as a POS and can bind and synchronize an iPhone or iPod as handled device without servers, the iPad is the server itself.

App POS iPad. Take the control of your restaurant.


App Waiter iPod / iPhone. The POS in the palm of your hand.


App Chef iPad. The tool for Chefs and heads cooks.


Web app to organize your restaurant. Centralized management and available wherever you are.

Discover our POS for restaurants & bars

The iPad as a server

Local operation, is not necessary to have a server. The main iPad itself functions as a system server.

No internet needed

No internet connection needed for operation.

Simple and intuitive

The simple and intuitive interface is very easy to learn, reduces training time.

Without computers

Does not require a computer, which translates into a lower cost of equipment maintenance.

Remote Management

Management and remote synchronization with Dual link manager web application.

Full auto management

The user can customize the content of the application from the iPad itself, reducing maintenance costs.

About us

Dual Link is a company formed by a multidisciplinary team that develops and markets our own software and hardware with the sole aim to create a much easier and practical working environment to the ones involved within the Restaurant business using our innovative iPad Application.

We focus on creating specific technological innovation for your sector. Hospitality is the first sector in which we have focused to reinvent Point of Sale Terminals (POS). We seek solutions and technological improvements that facilitate the management of bars and restaurants. This is the philosophy with which the iPad POS Terminal for Dual Link B&R Restaurant was born.

Our objective is to develop an efficient technology to service our client needs. Without any doubt our clients are the most valuable asset we possess, along with our human team.


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