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The point of sale terminal (POS) Dual Link BaR has been developed and tested over the years under the most demanding conditions. Thanks to the logic proposed in the working processes of POS power and iPad versatility, you will re-gain and improve your business control. As a result, you will be able to focus on your main priority: “your customers”.

App POS iPad for restaurants: fast, simple and practical

Our system does not require a separate server. The iPad itself performs as the central data server and handles the synchronization for other applications. This represents a breakthrough in versatility, productivity and efficiency

Sections for all professional profiles

A tool developed and tailored to each area of ​​your business.


To attend and serve customers without any specific location.


Take orders from a particular location.


Online Orders Manage Online orders, handling takeout and collect orders.
With our program, all the options are possible being able to access all the different areas of your establishment, handle complete access to attend customer´s orders at any room; upon diners sitting you will be able to open their order command, move them to another table or a different area, combine or add them to another table or group of customer´s, etc. Additionally, the program icons will indicate and warn you of the most important stages of the order command, specific requests, preparation and kitchen timing, how long have the customers been unattended, payment, etc.


Full access, control & detailed supervision of all the workers.

Cash desk

Relevant information to access or understand relevant data, sales and service statistics in real time.


Manage your POS Dual Link from the iPad itself or from any location, thanks to the Dual Manager web application link.

Do you have a restaurant with several areas?

With the Slave TPV Application in iPad for restaurants you can have as many TPVs as you may need.


Dual Link Bar and Restaurant

The SLAVE POS is an additional POS with the same features as the MASTER POS, except for the Administration Section. Any administrative management changes will be replicated to all slave devices.

With the Dual Link Manager web application, you will be able to manage your business from anywhere.


Dual Link Manager

Dual Link Manager is a free web application that complements the POS Dual Link BaR. Simply sync with iPad POS and manage your business remotely from anywhere.

Download demo POS

Download the free demo on your iPad through the App Store and start setting up your restaurant.

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