About us

Dual Link


Dual Link is a company formed by a multidisciplinary team that develops and markets our own software and hardware with the sole aim to create a much easier and practical working environment to the ones involved within the Restaurant business using our innovative iPad Application.

We focus on creating specific technological innovation for your sector. Hospitality is the first sector in which we have focused to reinvent Point of Sale Terminals (POS). We seek solutions and technological improvements that facilitate the management of bars and restaurants. This is the philosophy with which the iPad POS Terminal for Dual Link B&R Restaurant was born.

Our objective is to develop an efficient technology to service our client needs. Without any doubt our clients are the most valuable asset we possess, along with our human team.

App POS iPad for restaurants: fast, simple and practical

Our system does not require a separate server. The iPad itself performs as the central data server and handles the synchronization for other applications. This represents a breakthrough in versatility, productivity and efficiency

Download demo POS

Download the free demo on your iPad through the App Store and start setting up your restaurant.